Why Education?

As a student at a major Research One university, I have chosen my blog to discuss the current status of education in North Carolina. During the recent budget appropriation session, the funds allocated for public education have been greatly debated. In addition, the salary for teachers in North Carolina ranks very low compared to the rest of the country. I will mainly concentrate on public, K-12 schools and how they are reacting to the newly imposed budget cuts.  The budget cut many teacher assistant positions, did not give teachers a raise, and also is phasing out tenure opportunities as well as phasing out extra money given to teachers who earned a masters degree.  Those who disagree with the budget appropriation feel as though these cuts will harm public schools and the students who benefit from them. However, supporters of these cuts feel as though these cuts are necessary to help NC move towards economic stability. Both supporters and protestors of these cuts have been speaking out to the media and promoting their side of the cause. The purpose of this blog will be to research and decipher their arguments and present each side in a way that is easy to understand. This will help inform the reader about the current state of public education and allow them to form their own opinions. As a product of the public school system, this topic interests me greatly. Furthermore, my mother is teacher within the NC public school system so I will be able to comment on how budgeting affects public schools as a student as well as how they have affected my mother as a teacher.

4 thoughts on “Why Education?

    1. A teacher assistant is just an extra person that is there to help the children learn, as well as help the teacher teach. They help the teacher so that they can take more time to better focus on what the children need, and how to address those need. Also, they provide extra support for the children and give them another person to ask question to and learn from.

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