The Future of NC Public Education: Implications Post

     As illustrated in my earlier posts, public education in North Carolina is loosing funding, personnel, and teachers are once again, not receiving a raise. If these patterns continue, the state of public education in North Carolina will plummet. Currently, the government is planning on supporting private schools with Opportunity Vouchers. The government is in charge of leading its citizens. If the citizens see that the government is not supporting public education, they will start to question whether or not they should be supporting it. This could lead to more parents placing their kids in private schools, which could in turn lead even more teacher cuts in public schools. This could result in qualified teachers choosing to teach at private schools over public ones. In addition, the lack of support shown by the legislature to public schools is already, and will continue to negatively the amount of young students choosing to teach in North Carolina or choosing to go into the education profession at all. For example, I have always entertained the idea of becoming a teacher but then I see how poorly they are valued by the state and I quickly change my mind. Those students who do choose to go into the education field will see how North Carolina treats teachers and will move elsewhere to start their career. This will again lead to NC public school having less qualified teachers which results in students being less prepared. Unless the North Carolina legislature makes some changes to their public education policy, it will continue to be under supported and under appreciated. The public will recognize their lack of support and will follow suit. This will result in a smaller public education system that will not have the personnel to support, prepare, and lead its students. In the long term, if the legislature keeps treating the public education system like they are now, the state of North Carolina will produce a generation who is not prepared for their future because the government did not provide them with the education they deserved.  




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