Go look at my Classmates blogs!!

    If you have been reading through my blog and thinking, “Huh, that’s interesting, I want to know more,” then I would go check out my classmates blog found at http://nceducationdilemma.wordpress.com. He is also researching the North Carolina education debate and we have similar opinions as well. However, he goes much more in-depth into the issue of teacher salary cuts and merit based pay than I did within my blog. While we have similar viewpoints, this blog offers a different perspective on the issue and can help readers get a well-rounded sense of the topic.

            If you are looking for insight on an even more controversial topic, look into my other classmate’s blog on gun rights, http://gunsintheus.wordpress.com. Throughout this blog, she expresses her opinion, yet presents facts without bias as to let the reader make their own opinion. Also, she inputs personal experiences, which help her to get her point across in way that the reader can relate to.  I did not know much about the gun control debate, but this blog gave me the information I needed but still allowed me to form my own opinions. Last but not least, if you get sick of reading she has provided a couple of really great videos for you to enjoy.

            With the government shutdown just ending and the Affordable Care Act on high examination, health care is probably the most talked about issue among Americans at the moment. If you are anything like I was, you are lost when people start throwing out he terms, “online marketplace,” “Obamacare,” and “Medicaid.” However, the blog http://healthcarenc.wordpress.com/ helped me to sort through all the complicated terms and understand the basis of the healthcare debate. This blog is especially interesting because the author is an exchange student from China. So, not only does it help the reader better understand healthcare, but the author is also able to provide personal comparisons to how it contrasts to other parts of the world. This blog gives the reader a different perception of the issue and it is very interesting to learn how other countries are dealing with similar issues.




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